Getting started

You have been invited to a Sustainability Summit and are asked to present the challenges and management strategies in relation to the use and abuse of biomes in your selected country via a 3-4 minute video link. When addressing the crowd of the Summit, ensure you are visible in 50% of the presentation and use images/ vocal tone to engage the audience.
CHOOSE either India, China, Vietnam or Philippines.

Biome basics

Biomes of the world

Biome habitats

General geography textbooks – Good for a Year 9 reading level

Thompson, Kate 2016 Geography NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Stage 4 & 5, Cambridge, Melbourne p.117.
Collins, Drew ,2016 Insight Geography Australian Curriculum for NSW, Oxford, Melbourne p.57.

Now get specific

Be a smarter searcher

Words in your marking criteria can help.

India forests and threats
India forests impact industry
India forests impact farming
India forest effect farming
India forest* regeneration
India forest management
India forests edu

CIA world fact book Has environmental issues for each country

Websearch strategies in plain English

Getting the video organised

Be in character- Addressing a summit.
How will I make this engaging?
The opening is important.

What will I say?
What images will I use?
Will I use statistics?
Have I included geographical terms?

Address these points using academic language:
ONE biome that has been altered by humans for food or industrial production.
Explain (show cause and effect) the impacts of food OR industrial production to the biome
Discuss (provide points for and/against) the management strategies that are being used to sustain the biome

How to use iMovie

How to use Movie Maker