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Principal's Book of the Week

Taronga: by Victor Kelleher

Two years after the Last Days, Australia has become a dangerous place, and a battle-ground for survival…


Principal's Audio Book of the Week

The boy who harnessed the wind: Audiobook by William Kamkwamba

William Kamkwamba was born in Malawi, a country where magic ruled and modern science was mystery. It was also a land withered by drought and hunger, and a place where hope and opportunity were hard to find. But William had read about windmills in a book called Using Energy, and he dreamed of building one that would bring electricity and water to his village. His neighbours mocked him and called him crazy, but William was determined to show them what a little grit and ingenuity could do…

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Awards will be finalised October 19 2018. Click here for the Read to Succeed page.

The Oakhill College Read to Succeed training program aims to develop a regular reading habit. This will help students improve in many ways such as:
·         Your writing ability
·         Text comprehension and grammar
·         Your vocabulary
·         Positive reading attitudes
·         Greater self-confidence as a reader
·         Pleasure in reading in later life
·         General knowledge
·         A better understanding of other cultures
·         A greater insight into human nature and decision-making

Oakhill Citemaker

Use our Citemaker site for your referencing and bibliographies. This has no ads, you can save your citations and it’s easy to use. Try this instead of Harvard generator or Cite This For Me.

Click on this image to read the feature article about our library in ACCESS magazine.

Write a Book in a Day

Cancer fight goes by the book as Oakhill College students write a book in one day.

On Monday 20th August, 10 students from Oakhill College wrote a book in one day for children’s’ cancer research as part of the national ‘Write a Book in a Day ‘ competition, an initiative of The Kids’ Cancer Project. The winners of each category will be announced in November.

The 10 students from years 7 – 10 were given a set of parameters and then within 9 hours wrote, illustrated, bound and submitted a storybook of 4250 words. The book is then donated to children undergoing treatment in hospitals around Australia.

Here is this year’s book entered in the competition.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and answers about the Read to Succeed Program

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Ebsco Explora Databases

EBSCO Explora is available in your school library through a link on the Digital Library.

With Explora, you can…

  • Search for articles, news and more using a single search box
  • Browse popular topics by category to get research ideas
  • Read Topic Overviews to gain the background information you need to start your research
  • Limit results to articles that match your reading level
  • Hear HTML articles read aloud with EBSCO’s Text-to-Speech feature
  • Search among 60,000 videos from the Associated Press, the world’s leading news agency
  • Save articles and searches to your own personal folder for easy retrieval
  • Use EBSCO’s citation tool to properly cite sources in your research

Oakhill College Coding Club is here…

  • Are you interested in making your own App?
  • Do you want to make your own fabulous website?
  • Would you like to make your own game?

Every Monday at lunchtime in the  Library we are holding Coding Club.

Coding is what makes it possible for you to create computer software, apps, and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, Facebook – they’re all made with code.

Come join the College Coding Club